name that soundtrack!

a contest. welcome. as some of you may or may not know i am something of a large fan of film scores. i have over 50 albums from different movies of my favorite scores throughout the years. every now and then the public will latch on to a theme from a movie and use it for commercials and other previews and all sorts of stuff (recent example--little miss sunshine). but for the most part the beautiful albums full of music go unknown to many modern music fans.

the oscars returned my attention to my love of movie music. i didn't know the scores particularly well this year but i was somewhat disappointed with the win by slumdog. i loved that it won everything else, and best song as well. but as scores go it was unique, but not entirely amazing. i enjoyed it, but i felt it wasn't the strongest. the score for "defiance" is tremendous. but of course i'm not saying i know more than the mysterious "the academy."

so i thought we would play a little game. below are 10 different tracks from some of my favorite scores. see how many you can guess--1 point for the movie its from, 1/2 point bonus if you can also tell me the name of the track. it won't be easy, and yeah i know it will take awhile--but it will be fun! and all the music is super good. don't look it up! that's cheating. so is looking at other people's answers--don't do that either.

the winner will get a copy of whichever score they want! good luck!












  1. I love this game! My brother and I play it all the time. Unfortunately, you stumped me big.
    I'm only sure about
    8. Braveheart
    9. Last of the Mohichans
    I have some bad guesses for the others, but I'm ashamed I don't know more. So out of practice.

  2. Most of these will be guesses.
    1. Kiterunner
    2. Moulin Rouge
    3. The Dark Knight
    4. Braveheart
    5. Don't know
    6. Perhaps it's the same as #5.
    7. Batman Begins
    8. Braveheart
    9. This one is going to kill me until I figure it out. I KNOW IT!
    10. Nope.

  3. THE ANSWERS UNDOUBTELY ARE (without looking at other comments first):

    1-Citizen Cane
    2-sounds like Max Richter, but I guessed Moulin Rouge as well.
    3-Two in a row...I guessed the Dark Knight too.
    4-chronicles of narnia
    5-Something by John Williams...wait no...Lord of the Rings?
    6-Sounds like The Hours...but it doesn't, because it's not...I'm just throwing that out there.
    7-pirates of the caribbean, dead mans chest
    8-The Secret Garden
    9-last of the mohichans
    10-Man in the iron mask...Three Musketeers?...it's not by Hans Zimmer, this I know.

  4. 1. Ernest Goes To Jail
    2. Ernest Saves Christmas
    3. Ernest Goes To Camp
    4. Ernest Scared Stupid
    5. Ernest In The Army
    6. Ernest Goes To Africa
    7. Slam Dunk Ernest
    8. Ernest Goes To School
    9. Ernest Rides Again
    10. Dr. Riddle and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam

  5. 5. Lord of the rings 2
    6. pans labyrinth
    8. apocalypto

    I'm really not good at this game besides steven took all the good guesses.
    It was fun, though
    great idea!

  6. 1. it has a bassoon solo it has to be a war movie
    2. atonement (cheated...sorry i was just too curious about the typewriter)
    4. can't put my finger on it...someone's being prepared/tested? i feel i should know this! the last samurai?
    5. so new zealand it has to be LORD OF THE RINGS (just looks better in caps)
    6. don't know. have you listened to the track from pride and prejudice?
    8.braveheart (listened to it today to make sure...but probably would have got it because i listened to this song a couple of days ago)
    9. last of the mohichians (cheated sorry too curious about these awesome themes) i've never seen the movie
    10. i think this one's older....schindler's list?

  7. make that an english horn solo