a bit more venting

preface--not an attempt for sympathy.

another reason to hate texas:

the texas department of transportation called the woman i hit trying to get her to speak with a chiropractor about her neck, which wasn't even hurt and not in the report at all. she declined, as a good person would. (they called her on MLK day!)

THEN, she gets a call from a chiropractor's office saying that they heard she wanted to schedule an appointment with them about her whiplash! she was appalled, thankfully. (besides the fact that chiropractors are not doctors and often cause more damage then they fix)

damn texas.

then my printer broke yesterday. the damage estimates are high. and now i have the flu.

can i curl up in a ball now and not leave my house?

...my next post will not be so negative, i promise.


  1. praise the Lord for a decent lady! what a mess. drink some airborne and good hot tea. and listen to good music.

  2. i second sarah.
    praise the Lord for seriously cool people.

    i don't want the flu.
    but if you need some quality communal reading time...
    just let me know.
    i'll bring some soup.
    chicken noodle?

  3. oh and just to clarify...
    real chicken noodle.
    none of this chicken and stars crap.
    egg noodles and chunks of peppery chicken

    but give me a heads up,
    bc i'll have to make an afternoon of it.

    feel better.

  4. but they have WHATABURGER.