it's official:

i hate texas.

i think before it was just mostly joking, scoffing at their arrogance and ultra-stateism (yes i made that up that word--they're not a nation). i would joke that we should just give them up, hand over the alamo, you know, all that. but i think now it's more than that. why you ask? well then, let me tell you.

my day:
1. got in a car wreck on the way to the last session of a conference i went to this weekend in waco (the conference being the one redeeming factor, somewhat--see #5). yes, part of it was my fault. yes, the police filed a report. yes, my car and the one i hit were the only ones damaged in a 6 car pile-up. couldn't really avoid it, but at least my car was drivable to make it back.

2. after sitting for an hour while the report was filled out, we got back on the road. not an hour after that i got a speeding ticket in a construction zone--fines doubled. of course, the reason the cop radared me was because the six cars in front of me all going 85 were led by a cop and bunched together. i, being more careful, was going 75 and that created the nice separation for the radar gun to spot me (speed limit was 60).

3. my license was suspended in the state of texas, so i sat in degradation in the passenger seat for the next 4 hours, staring at the crusty earth of this barren, god-forsaken state.

4. a few hours later, the combination of the whiplash from the car behind me hitting me, and the 9 hour car drive created a nice driving migraine, which loved the dark roads being pierced by upcoming headlights for hours on end.

5. while the conference had some cool things about it, i realized i'm not really all that keen on big christian conferences. and i didn't hear much, which wasn't entirely surprising given the spiritual season that i am in.

6. i visited baylor's english grad department, something i was excited about. and i wasn't crazy about it for multiple reasons, probably not for the internet's eyes though. also, i don't think i can picture myself in texas, the now dubbed "fat ass of the u.s."©. something about the conservative buckle of the bible belt as well--just not me. good people though. (of course watch after posting this i'll end up down there...)

well let's just hold it to six--somehow it changed from a list of bad things in my day, to a list of why this weekend sucked. don't know how that happened...of course, blaming the state might not be entirely accurate (but drivers there really suck i'm not kidding, that's a fact). i just feel entirely justified in doing so right now. now don't go arguing you texas-lovers (graham), you know it's true.


  1. so, did you pick up my chair?

    yes, texas is arrogant, ignorant, prideful, state-ist, hickish, cultish... but they have TEX-MEX and therefore all is redeemed!!!

    (i was joking about the chair... bummer about the weekend. sounds like a bitch. i dont think they let you say 'bitch' at antioch, do they? at least you got some coffee @ common grounds, right?!?)

  2. yep. justified. i was going to call you today to see how the weekend was, but i'm glad i didn't...i'll give you some release time buddy.

    i'm so sorry luke...at least take comfort in knowing that some people in texas will still be ticked that we have tomorrow off to celebrate an amazing man's birthday...all the while you can enjoy it with some good coffee, books and tunes. and lots of tylenol.

  3. i've got an idea. a full fledged battle with texas. we'll flood the whole state with water. GUESS WHAT, the ocean will be so much closer.

  4. man. poor guy.
    it could leave the union now for all i care.

    YES i really like east of eden.
    and i want to finish it soon.
    maybe we should get together and just read and read and read.
    and then have discussions.
    but i'm only on like pg 86.
    so you'd have to wait for me.