church signs

i once had the idea to make a coffee table book with pictures of cheesy church signs. but alas, it has already been done. drat. well, here's one i saw this week:

"Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop."


  1. Bethel AK Lindsey1/11/2008 6:13 AM

    About your previous post - Alaska might be just as cold as Russia. And i think Alaska is cool, but hey, i'm from Alaska, what can i say?

    p.s. sorry about your church signs post. I could have told people we've met before. that would've been neat... any other ideas?

  2. I spent the past 4 months on a Road Trip USA. The South takes their church billboards VERY seriously. :) Some winners from the Bible belt:

    You should download the Word to your heart drive.

    The winds of grace are always blowing - you just need to lift the sails.


  3. yes, im talking with you on the phone AND commenting on your blog. here are some of my favorites:

    - It's hot aside... you need try some prayer-conditioning.

    - God doesn't answer email... He answer Knee-mail.

    our HC needs a marquee

  4. my friend Sally actually submitted a sign that was published in that book. Check out her blog: http://itstrivial.wordpress.com