today i've been noticing birds. i stood outside for a moment to clear my head, and there they were.

a blue jay, flying across the branches, from limb to limb, pecking occasionally at the buds. it's head always twisting every which direction. jittery.

a cardinal, hopping along a branch, only rarely moving its head. or maybe just the deep black from the neck up hid its slight movements with the stillness of its bright red body.

they would both fly from branch to branch, and then wind up on some sort of electrical wire.

a robin flew in front of me while i was walking too. not too close, just a few feet away.

i may or may not have talked to each of these birds. if i did, the blue jay didn't seem to pay much attention, but the cardinal was patiently attentive. the robin was in too much of a hurry.

there was also a bunny laying on the gravel in the parking lot behind our house. there's a family of them who have made their home back there. i've seen the baby scamper across the driveway through my headlights late one night. it's a sad place for a home i think.

i don't know what any of this means, or why i wanted to post it. maybe to be more observant. sometimes i'm not very good at that. maybe to stumble upon some sort of artistic point (is that an oxymoron?). anyway, take it for what it is.