chocolat croissant

i had a chocolate croissant at the roasterie cafe today. it was delicious. i haven't had one since i was in italy. it's interesting the things that spark memories. every time i went south out of switzerland down into italy, the train would always transfer in milan at the large beautiful station there (which was about the only beautiful thing in milan, besides the duomo (3rd largest in the world) and i suppose da vinci's last supper painting--i'm not kidding, don't waste your time there. oh, i guess i also saw an ac milan futbol match there which was stellar (they won the uefa cup that year too!)). enough parenthesis! back to the story. anyway, during the layovers in the station my buddy bill and i would always go into this little shop and get chocolate croissants. every time, without fail. and i think that was the only place i would really get them. i don't know why i didn't get them other places, i just didn't. so now, probably for the rest of my life, whenever i get a chocolate croissant i will think of the train station in milan.

what crazy or fun memory associations do you have with objects or places?


  1. i responded on my own post.

  2. in response to your post:

    eggplants = dave lueck.

  3. You only ate chocolate croissants from the train station in Milan!
    What a sentence!

    Several summers ago, during my short lunch break, I came home to eat a salad and piece my way through the movie Ghost. From now on, whenever I eat Briana's Poppy Seed Dressing, I'm catapulted back to my Ghost-watching sessions.

  4. i'm only slightly embarassed that you remember me that way...those were definitely the awkward years.

    glad we can all put those years behind us.