a few follow-ups to recent posts:

-- if you're supposed to get 15 minutes of fame, perhaps youtube should consider expanding its time limit.

-- that ray lamontagne song was a gnarls barkley cover, and i really liked it in just how different it is from the original. but ray's other stuff is great too and you should check it out, especially on a rainy day.

-- anybody thinking of reading The Myth of Certainty? i forgot to mention that the tagline for my blog, the quote under the title is from that book as well.

-- babies should not preach.

-- i'm convinced lightning hit the crane across the street this morning. EVERYONE in manhattan heard that.

-- john buck i love you.


  1. ray is really good, but he's just not quite cee-lo in my book.

  2. I am!!! I have it at the top of my To-Read-When-I-Have-a-Life-Again list. After May 5 I have no excuses. So quiz me on the way to NICARAGUA!!!