yes please

alright folks, here's the deal. the royals are in town this next weekend for a few games. i know you all are already planning on being in kc so that you can be a part of our work day on saturday (if you don't know, we're working on the church we will soon be living in--come join us!), so the way i see it is we should go to a royals game all of us. the stadium has been remodeled this year and i hear it's amazing. all the more reason to go.

here's the dilemma:

24th friday night is buck night--always a winner. one dollar hot dog, pepsis, and peanuts. this makes food at the ballgame affordable and essential. because normally, who wants to drop 4 bucks on a dog? speaking of bucks there is the man john buck, all the more reason to go.

25th saturday night is royals jersey replica night. first 20,000 fans get a free royals jersey! the royals have been around for 40 years now and so all the jerseys have the number 40 on them. speaking of 40 that is my prediction for how many home runs mike jacobs will hit this year, all the more reason to go see one.

so what's the answer? which game should we go to?


let's do it. seriously. if you're only in for one game* well we'll just have to get different groups each night. it will be great. who doesn't love a ballgame????

*"game" denotes an entirety of a baseball game. that's 9 innings. only in the case of an absolute blowout would i want to consider leaving early. depending on the size maybe we can have a car that is open to leaving early. but don't you want to get all you pay for anyway? supposed to be beautiful weather, all the more reason to enjoy the whole night!


  1. I have a wedding to go to that Saturday in Wichita, but I'm up for making the trek that Friday night for buck night!

    Let's take them division rival Tigers D-O-W-N!

    + I think Greinke is scheduled for that night! (don't quote me on that).

  2. the only time i felt justified in leaving a royals game early was when we were losing 11-0 in the 5th inning.

    judge me.

  3. YES! absolutely. i can only go friday night, but that sounds great.

    a little ihop afterward? maybe if we dont eat too many hotdogs.

  4. bad news. really bad news. i forgot i am busy saturday night AND friday night. :( this is a huge bummer. but luckily the baseball season is 6,000 games long, so there WILL be another friday night buck night. sorry man!

  5. luke! annie is coming into town fri., and we are interested in going to the game that night..are you guys still going?