of observations on the 25th of april

so it was quite a day, and i wouldn't want to just let it go by without sharing my many observations. i know you are licking your chops to get a look-see at my pearl casting here.

~ i don't know the guy's name, but the dude who is the "emcee" of sorts at kauffman stadium is a major tool. yeah, that's my first observation.

~ staying on that theme, the new k is pretty stellar. they need to work out buck night much better though--you'd think they would be more prepared so people wouldn't have to stand in line for 5 innings. the jersey promotion ticked me off too--not only because it was the wrong number, but because now there are all these fair-weather fans who want to support the royals now that they're good. well you enjoy your #40 jersey 20,000 johnny-come-lately fans. ok, i'll give that at least half were real fans. would have been there more than an hour before the game but had a workday, some things are more important.

~ the workday went great. the dumpster we ordered and paid for never showed up--we'll sort that out on monday. but it turned out to be ok since we got a lot of other stuff done that really needed it. the upstairs looks amazing now. still plenty of work to be done but man was there a lot of progress. i will be retrieving the dust from my lungs and sinuses for a couple days, but that's ok. gotta call out k-state ichthus though--there were twice as many people from missouri state university where laura went as there were people from ichthus, the birthing church of this community. i know you all had reasons. i'm just stating the facts. it's ok. we will have more. thanks so much to those of you who did come though!

~ i'm so excited to live with all the people i'm going to be living with next year. so stellar. in fact, should i be a little worried that i'm more excited about my community than i am being in the city? i suppose that's ok right now. right?

~ i've had lots of thoughts and feelings in the past week, but shallow/impersonal blog posts are what i'm feeling inclined to throw out there right now. maybe soon something more.

~ speaking of, going back to sports. the chiefs drafted a defensive end. ok. not sure but we'll just have to see about it. crabtree or curry would have been a little more flashy, but that's not "the patriots midwest's" style. part of me likes that this could be a successful model. part of me hates that we are emulating the patriots so much, just like the other 6 teams that have former patriots personnel running the show. i'm ready to get into the mode of not having to talk about football all summer because there is actually another local sport worth talking about past april. and i'm not talking about the wizards.

~ john buck was weak tonight. he's had too much time off--even though he was batting .346 he only played 1 of the previous 4 before tonight. trey, i love you man but you're really making some pretty questionable decisions. and what was the deal with pitching mahay, cruz, and wright for an inning each when we're down 8 runs? they are our best setup relievers. maybe you're trying to keep from giving them 9 days off so that when they do come back and pitch they won't all get hurt. oh right you already did that with soria. but maybe pick a little closer game?

~ i didn't know rats could gelify. bet you're glad that wasn't on the workday cleanup agenda. our large friend is still tucked away where fate left him for the time being.

~ i'm excited about life right now. unsure in some ways. but so excited.

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  1. jellified rats! grody
    I can't wait to see how you guys spruced up the place!