a chance of rain

just like the storm
you're sure to come
as surely
as a rain in the morning.

tomorrow is a forecast.
its percentages nearly trivial,
over-arching such a people.

but given enough time,
any prediction will be right--
the rains will come;
the water will rise.

life's too heavy
for one soul to hold.

something held that cannot be released.
unable to let go though the muscles burn.
the only relief is to stop,
to lay down and no longer move forward.

but we are a driven people.
every moment counts;
you're only young once.

the mistakes and choices you make--
you'll have to live with them forever,
so take control
and ignore the fact that
you can't pick the weather.

we don't see it right do we?
our calls for the future,
or our remainders of the past.
at the clouds we can only look upward.

every sun is scorching;
every rain is drenching;
every wind is jolting;
every fall is a failure.

all at once you find
the cup is brimming over.

let us be filled by the crushed grapes.
let the plant spring forth from a broken seed.

let us find the way that we simply must go,
for the only way to cross the rushing waters
is over a river frozen.

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