confessional corner 2

ok, ok, ok. this one has been coming. and quite frankly i'm pretty embarrassed here. perhaps our worst confessions are those that make us seem hypocritical, but in all fairness we are all of us hypocrits to one degree or another. does that lesson my crime? no. will it stop any of you for jumping on me about this? no. but it will give me solidarity with those other hypocrits out there who acknowledge it in themselves and then go right on doing it.

i watch hereos. now, you may be thinking to yourself, "what's so bad about that? lots of people watch hereos. it seems like a good show." and if you thought that you'd be partly right. but if you know me very well you also know that i am overtly critical of the majority of tv shows right now--especially dramas, as well as some movies (usually action) that have gone beyond the point of being over the top. i have particularly focused this on the show "lost."

my problem: the show is representative of so many others in being so over-the-top that it looks down on rain. every break before a commercial is a cliff-hanger. there are so many characters that it's impossible to really go into any depth with them. they will always end up being inter-related somehow. they never actually tell you what is going on but leave you with little bits of information that never really accumulate in any satisfactory way. acting is bad. writing is commercial. etc. (one other previous favorite show not withstanding)

now is hereos any different? sadly no, not really. it is also sadly just a remake of a combination of x-men, the butterfly effect, your bad slasher b-movie, and days of our lives. and i'm hooked.

it's one of those painful addictions--i see how bad it is in the midst of it. i can't even enjoy it until the inevitable fall-out afterwards. i have to see the bad acting. i have to see the plot twists that are cheap excuses for narrative. damn my english degree! and every other episode has to fit in some sort of half-naked woman--they have significant upped the number of attractive women on the show since it started. and they try to cater to so many different audiences it's a little annoying. but i guess it works since it's so popular.

maybe i should just embrace it and the community of people i watch it with. or maybe i could spend that hour watching/reading something substantial. i'll just do that after. and i you can take stuff from anything. the best quote from the show so far that i've seen mean much of anything: "people need hope, but they trust fear."


  1. i wanted that link to go to the oc page so badly.
    and when it did i was so satisfied.

    they can hate all they want.
    best show ever.

  2. I wish you wouldn't talk so badly about LOST!!! =(

    It may all be true...but I love it. It's addicting, do you even watch it???