there comes a time when another
notch on the doorpost
bleeds darker than faded childhood,
and what doesn't kill you
makes for some pretty strong wood
laid across the screen door,
that blew open with gusto--
then banging a little
too often.

they leave the house
with warm goodbyes
i heard before they came.
though now the seats are warm
and the couch still soft,
until time cools and darkness passes.
my spine is stiff
from a sinking mattress,
pushed down when i slept
on the couch.
and character is no sheet
warmer than fat,
holding tight
in all the right places.

maybe that's why i run,
and back again
my heart beating my heart
into shape.
rending faith
in myself,
until they all return--
goodbyes through the door.
above my mark
i invite them in,
offering a spot on the couch.

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  1. your chinese donuts post was really good. i laughed.

    thanks for all of the book suggestions. I don't really have any right now. I am almost done ready Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Which I am loving. BUt that's about it.
    How is Manhattan?