it's beautiful!

yes i am talking about fall! i walked outside today and the weather was just so good. it is windy and storms loom in scattered directions. but most importantly there was that crispness to the air that only means that summer is saying its goodbyes. i love summer and this was a great one, but oh fall you are my favorite. i threw my hands in the air in joy and delight! i had a dream last night i was getting ready for a soccer game, another reason i love fall--soccer season.

let the leaves fall from the trees
the cicadas climb out of their shells
and the footballs fly through the air!

also loved this quote from alli rogers' blog (yes this is a second-stealing):
"Not all those that wander are lost."
-J.R.R. Tolkien


  1. Luke. We are the same person.

    I, too, dreamed of soccer last night.

    Just kidding. We are the similar because chilly weather really gets our blood pumping (literally and figuratively).

  2. I just posted that and felt oddly like my senior English teacher. He could have written that silly (clever but not that clever) message.