beyond words

i have always been a fan of christmas music--but unfortunately when you say that sometimes people think you like the crap they play 24/7 on the easy listening radio stations. and in turn a lot of people do not like "christmas music" because of said crap. no no. there is good christmas music out there, you just have look for it a little harder. not even that hard. music that isn't commercialized and speaks more to the true heart of christmas. something like "all i want for christmas is you" by mariah carey...uh...oh--mbleh...sorry i threw up a little in my mouth. yeah that's what christmas is all about.

in fact, i find that my favorite christmas songs don't even have any words. sure i love some that have words, as they give such meaning to the season--like "o come o come emmanuel" and "in the bleak midwinter," but perhaps there is something about the spirit of christmas that just goes beyond words. so i find myself listening to a couple songs a lot. here are my two favorites. merry christmas everyone!

"snow day" by rosie thomas

"o come o come emmanuel" by lost and found

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  1. i gotta be honest....i totally listen to 102.1 and 98.1 like it's my day job. and mariah, i usually sing along. but hey...to each his own right, luke? right!?! stop judging me.

    and yeah carrots! for the reindeer! come on luke...you CAN'T forget about the reindeer!!