the chiefs

disclaimer: rant to follow. and yes, it's about sports.

ok, ok. that was bad. today was perhaps a new low for the lowly chiefs. how they managed to somehow let that game slip away is beyond me. the offense was completely worthless in the second half, only scoring after going 5 yards following an interception by the slowest corner in the entire league (he got ran down by phillip rivers...really?). the chiefs failed to convert two third-1's in the fourth quarter that would have all but iced it. their offense got so conservative in the second half you couldn't believe they were running half-back passes and hook and ladders earlier. it's not teams figuring out our offense in the second half. it's gailey getting scared when thigpen makes one bad throw that should have been picked and playing conservative for the next 3 series.

you can't put this one on the defense. the numbers look bad but that's just because of the final drives. they played solid all game--really only allowing 10 points until the final minutes. they held LT to 39 yards rushing. they generated three turnovers. they actually even had three sacks! a total that was half of their previous total for the whole season. our secondary looks phenomenal. our linebackers are still not great, but there's only one starter out there anyway. the defensive line actually got consistent pressure. kudos to the defense. oh, and special teams was atrocious.

and yet, we still managed to find a way to lose. if you put your defense out there for the entire second half they can only stop them so many times. i literally thought to myself several times in the fourth quarter--are they trying to lose this game on purpose? like seriously. are they shooting for a better draft pick?

here's the thing about that. let's look at the teams they're "competing" with for higher draft picks: lions--they are going to be ahead of them, guaranteed. ok, so then it's cincinnati, seattle, oakland and st. louis. the latter two played each other today so one of them had to win. thankfully it was seattle. the bengals, raiders and the rams are not going to draft a quarterback. seattle might, as hasselbeck is 33--which isn't all that old for a quarterback and he is good when healthy. the lions do need a quarterback though, so we will get the second best guy available--whether we win the rest of our games or not. in fact, if we win we won't have to pay our pick as much so that would be better for the salary cap. go chiefs! beat miami and cinci!

unless of course you think tyler thigpen is the long-term answer. and he very well could be. that's another debate. either way, it would be great to bring in a younger quarterback under him to compete for the job. that would be great. i would argue it would be the best use of a top-5 pick, in relation to what we need. we don't want to try our hands at another d-lineman do we? free agency please. although that hasn't worked out super well for us either, despite tank tyler's decent game today.

here's the bright shining moment from today though. today will be absolutely more than worth it if denver loses next week to buffalo (at home--a long-shot maybe but it could happen), and san diego can beat tampa on the road (also tough) and then beat denver at home the next week--they will make the playoffs instead of denver, going 8-8. that would be hilarious and awesome, and then i would be really glad the chiefs blew it today. how about that for finding the silver-lining?

POST SCRIPT update (5:08pm): Carl Peterson has resigned! ok, that is the silver-lining.


  1. denver missing the playoffs is always a terrific thing.

    sigh. i dont even know how i feel about this. just surprised i think. we had about 93 chances to win that game and had we only taken advantage of ONE of them it would've been over: the 3rd and 1's, the two missed field goals, the INT in the redzone, if dbowe holds on to the ball.

    but if the broncos miss the playoffs because of this - worth every bit of it.

  2. I think Tyler is a long term answer. Thigpen is a fast, smart decision making quarter back. I feel that our offensive line is sorta on the week side and I like that fact that Thigpen can run if he needs to. He makes good decisions on when to run where to throw and he is accurate.

    Just so you know I vote keep thigpen as our front man.

  3. despite the fact that i hate any team that resides in the AFC West (besides the Chiefs of course) I would LOVE to see the Broncos' season ruined, because let's face it, who would we rather see miss the playoffs in a hilarious way like that? well, it's a tossup between the broncos and raiders.

  4. i'm glad you wrote that postscript, i was going to tell you the good news!!!!! what a great day for KC.