this cannot be serious

yesterday in the mail i received the following catalog: Heifer International.

yes you read correctly, the cover says "the most important gift catalog in the world." a) of all, don't ask me how they got my address (probably back when my neighbors the blue team had a pet goat--that damn thing baa'd constantly starting at 5:30am ten feet from my window). b) of second, the perfect holiday gift? i mean, lambs are cute and all but really? i guess i could go with one of the many other options: heifer, goat, pig, rabbit, chick, bees, water buffalo, a holiday tree--or my personal favorite: a llama.

c) clearly, this has to be some sort of hilarious joke. quote from the first page, "you decide to donate a sheep in honor of your mother, who has always loved these gentle animals." or later on, "the holidays are right around the corner, and it's time for more pig-themed gifts for your mother."

of course then i looked through the magazine and began to realize that i am a horrible person. of course it's not about buying these animals for yourself, but about sponsoring them for a family in another country. the organization has been around since 1944 and is the winner of the conrad n. hilton humanitarian prize. i don't know what that is but the guy has a middle initial so it must be a big deal.

aside from some pretty cheesy writing, in all reality it might actually be the most important gift-catalog in the world. like best buy or target or even mardel comes anywhere close. can you tell me more important gifts? giving an animal or more to a family or community that creates agricultural development that leads to self-sufficiency in food and income. the magazine is also full of quotes from presidents and celebrities about the good of the organization. and the other cool thing, when the animal has an offspring the family gives it to another family in need, thus spreading the giving. how cool is that?

so you may not have been so lucky and received the catalog for yourself. lucky for you this is the 21st century. still need a christmas gift? check it out.


  1. well i feel terrible for laughing at it so hard this morning.

  2. that's a cool catalog you have there... :)

  3. I would love to have my life lightened up by a llama. I think I love L words ls make a fun sound.

  4. I love Heifer. I found out about it through my hairdresser and have even bought a friend honey bees for her birthday. Needless to say, she was charmed.

    It really is a great organization and I'm glad you're plugging it on your blog.

  5. Most kids want a pony for Christmas...this however, is a new one on me