denison witmer

"beautiful boys and girls"

"life before aesthetics"

well i usually don't write much with the songs i put up here, usually because i feel like the songs tend to speak for themselves. that or i just want to share a song i'm enjoying lately. i hope some people out there like them. well it's not as if these songs couldn't stand on their own, but i feel a desire right now to just write a little bit more about these in particular.

i'm really loving denison's new album. i feel like it's a bit more musically complex than some of his past, which were very bare. there is still a simplicity to his music, but it is once again mixed with deep and challenging lyrics--and this time a good amount of mystery as well. i'm not trying to write a review though. this first song is one that i just really connect to right now. the second is probably the best on the album and i love its message--great lyrics. hope you enjoy!

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