that's that.

hooray chargers. just too hilarious--courtesy of the chiefs gift two weeks ago and buffalo coming back after being down 13 to beat denver last week. the utter ineptitude of the broncos, specifically their defense, makes me smile. too funny.

and the chiefs are finally done with their miserable season. they looked horrible today. it was clear that the coaching staff took most of christmas week off more or less--they probably figured they were all going to be fired anyway. gailey might be around, herm too i suppose. but gunther is long gone. i can pretty much guarantee that. with a 2-14 record that puts the chiefs tied for the 2nd-worst record in football, tied with their missouri counter-parts the rams. i don't know if they'll get the 2nd or 3rd pick. anyone know the tiebreaker there? the rams' victories are against teams with better records than the chiefs' wins, and i'm guessing because of the terrible afc west the total record of all their opponents is better than the chiefs' as well. but both of the chiefs' wins were in their division--does that make a difference? either way it doesn't matter, because the rams don't need a qb--and even if you like tyler thigpen, the chiefs would be foolish to use such a high pick on anyone but a quarterback, specifically sam bradford if he's there. that would be great--he wouldn't have to come in and start right away; he could have time to develop and create a good competition at the qb spot, with croyle at 3rd string. not too shabby.

christmas rundown: i ate a whole ton of sugar cookies, and even more after a somewhat less than perfect attempt at baking my own. they eventually were great, but the first few batches just didn't work out super well. who knew you had to grease the pan? actually fyi parchment paper is a good friend of sugar cookies in ovens. and i've had lots of pumpkin pie, and all sorts of other really good food. cause that is what christmas is all about right? food? actually i think that sense of celebration is great to go on and on for days. that's the way it should be. i just dread the overcrowded gym after new-year's resolutions.

a quick word about that as well: i'm not sure what i think about new year's resolutions, or most goals for that matter. why should the changing of a number on a calendar spur people on to new things? shouldn't we be constantly seeking to improve our life? i suppose it isn't a bad thing--but if all that is motivating you is a different number on the end of your dates, then i just think it's doomed to failure. evidence: work-out centers in mid-february. do it for something more. i say let's have epiphany resolutions. how about that?

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  1. 3 things:
    1.Here's what I know about the Chiefs' pick: They'll have the 3rd pick according to many draft websites (including this one: http://www.walterfootball.com/draft2009.php - check out what they said in the very last sentence of #8 pick Green Bay!)
    2.Chiefs had 10 total sacks. 10. The worst ever was 13 by the Baltimore Colts, now however, this record belongs to the Chefs. It is so frustrating being a Royals, Cheifs, and K-State fan!!
    3.The I'm Neutral blog needs a 'beard update'. Please satisfy this need.