i spent a good part of the day at a coffee shop, reading and such. then i got some dinner and headed out to go to a taize service at a local church here, but they weren't having it either because of the ice or because it's the week before christmas. i was the only person waiting in the parking lot for a little while. i was a little disappointed because it's on thursday nights when we normally have ichthus and this would have been one of the rare times i could have gone.

so i drove home through the ice and up our incredibly slippery steps to my door, when then i see on the doorstep TWO PLATES OF DELICIOUS CHRISTMAS SUGAR COOKIES!!!!! amazing! yes, you read correctly--two plates! homemade, excellently decorated with different christmas shapes. and might i say they are really really good. on them was a note written "to: luke, from: :), merry christmas mt sweet-toothed friend!" hold on a sec, i'm eating another one right now...ok now i can type again. i guess my confession is absolved...or something like that. i'm just glad i got them before they froze!

well since i don't know who did it, though i am sure it was a reader of this blog, let me say a very big THANK YOU!!! it completely made my day, and for sure week (or however long the cookies last :)). no really it's the thought even more than the cookies themselves--which is saying A LOT cause you know how much i love those cookies! and i must say, that is some really quick action there--man the same day as the post! kudos! i'm smiling a lot. and thank you again so much.

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