it's time

i've been feeling this for a few days now, and i think it's been confirmed. i need to take a break. i feel like i've gone too far with this blog, too deep. this is no substitute for intimacy, and is the internet any place to put your heart? i don't know the answer to that question honestly. i have mixed feelings. but for now, this is what i need. i'm not looking forward to it, as this has been a good outlet for me. but let's add it to the list from a few posts ago. i need to let some things die here.

i hope i haven't discouraged or disheartened you in the last couple months of blogging. i'm sorry if i have. i truly am.

i don't know how long i'll be gone--it might only be a week or something like that. it may be longer. if it's longer i might post something real brief occasionally, like a song or quick thought--but i will try to limit myself as much as i can. i'll still be reading, as i look forward to your writings.

and hey, maybe this gives you a chance to catch up on that crazy flurry of posts last month if you need it.

let me leave you with a deep quote i heard the other day. it just penetrates the haze over reality so well. i think it even will be my new personal motto and mantra for the time to come, with all my energy devoted to realizing its truth:

"change your tv, change your life." --sharp


  1. Sometimes an extended silence is exactly what we need. I hope that this time brings you peace and health and congruence, Luke. I'll miss your entries, as I really LIKE your deep thoughts. :) But know that I'll be praying for you during this time.

  2. personally, this is an answer to prayer. i have 25 yet unread blog posts of yours! give me a couple of weeks and then i'll be craving 'em!

    i wholeheartedly agree with ms. parsons: peace... health... congruence...

    and maybe a tattoo!! ; )