one step further...

...to being even more russian. just look at these badasses:
yup that's dostoyevsky, tolstoy, and solzhenitsyn--my 3 favorite russian authors. and i'm on my way to becoming just like them. alex has a sick neck beard hey? now i just have to write incredible novels....

and you absolutely have to go look at this. can you come up with better reasons?

it's an interesting thing, this beard. i find that many guys are jealous--even though i don't have the greatest beard. and girls seem to 'like' it, though you never know if that is just a polite thing or if it is actually attractive. you can't ask that follow up question though, then it is just weird and awkward. i don't really care right now if it wards the girls off anyway.
as you can see i've still got a ways to go to match those russians. so, open question--and i expect responses. how long should i keep the beard going? thanksgiving? christmas? spring break? summer? and know that by "going" i mean a very minimal trimming let it flow beard. i'm also thinking of cutting my hair pretty short, which kind of goes against the whole mountain-man look but i think could look sweet with the beard. any opinions? come on guys i really need your feedback here!


  1. My sister just got a t-shirt/poster/something that says, "Beards are the new black."

    Also, I say cut the hair. My girliness is going to come out but I thought Scott Speedman looked the best in Season 3 of Felicity--when he was simultaneously sporting a beard AND buzz cut.

    "Yay! I like bubbles!"

  2. I am in. You with your Russian beard, me with my Amish....we could take over the world.

  3. long live the beard. one word of advice--don't take any advice. make your beard your nexus of power. an enigma of magnitude with an aura of a bear. do the short hair thing and bleach out your hair. be a swedish mountain man.