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Confessional corner update:
1. Chinese donut count tonight: 4. Ok this takes some explaining. They were small. And then, there were only two left and I ate them--but it was not enough. So I asked them to make more. There weren't a lot of people left in the restaurant, the great hunam, so I felt obligated to take more than one when the new ones came out. Man were they fresh and hot and good though!!
2. Hereos. Still watching, and the limit of one a week is healthy. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. My biggest problems: a. no one ever dies. and when someone actually does the actor comes back as another character or a figment created by another characters power. seriously, drop the axe once in awhile. b. everyone is related. soon enough micah will turn out to be the third cousin of peter but at the same time somehow the brother of the evil arch nemesis behind it all who in fact is peter's uncle and noah's half brother. sheesh.

Going to Chicago this weekend. So excited to see old bible college friends. I probably could have flown for cheaper, but some plans changed and it will be good to have a car there. Road trips have some sort of spiritual goodness for me anyway.

Thank you to Matthew Perryman Jones for providing the soundtrack to my life of late. Seriously, so many of the songs. Currently it's "When it Falls Apart" and "Swallow the Sea." "The heart cannot go free till it breaks."

An incredible drive late tonight through fog and light rain with the perfect music from not so long ago. Two albums.

Kansas City feels strange now. We go around looking for where we can find "home," when all the while God has made his own inside of ourselves. Will we accept it as ours as well?

I don't like mosquito bites. They say, "Remember when you were outside and I wouldn't let you enjoy it?" Come blessed frost, come!

I'm happy Tony is still a Chief for now. No second-rounder is worth him, especially after all that the Lions got for Roy Williams! Ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that for the first time in a really really long time I am more excited about the Royals than the Chiefs--and it's October. Crazy.

Rasberry iced tea is deliscioso. If that's not a word it should be. They have it at any Panera. You should have some. You don't understand, I don't even like iced tea! It's almost as good as Canadian iced tea--and if you haven't had that I'm sorry for you. I have some mix tucked away in a cabinet in Manhattan, come over and I'll make you some. It's only like 4 years old; I'm sure it's still good.

That's all for now.

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